Overall percentage completion based on questions answered correctly 

This figure shows the overall progress to everyone completing all modules in terms of the number of questions available. It will be affected by new modules being introduced or existing modules being removed, module scores starting to be reset on the one-year anniversary, new drivers being introduced and drivers being deleted or not renewed.

Average number of modules completed by drivers: 

This figure is the number of completed modules divided by the number of active drivers. Ideally, this should increase every month, but it will be affected by new drivers coming into the system, drivers being assigned new modules, and drivers who have a high number of completed modules not being renewed. It shows you how far you have to go until all drivers have completed all available modules.


Top 5 modules drivers find most difficult to pass

This shows the top five modules that your drivers find it most difficult to pass. It gives you an idea of where you might want to divert some practical driver training. It calculates how many times drivers have had to take the module in relation to how many times it has been completed successfully.