The Overview section contains business intelligence related to drivers completing the modules in the Fleet Driver Plan.

The concept is to do all the training within a year and then it cycles around again. That means an improvement of around 2% a week. This percentage is based on the number of modules available to the driver.

For example, if you make 20 modules available to a driver then each module they complete will represent 5%. If they complete one module a fortnight they will stay ahead of the curve.

On-track completion

This is a graph that increases two percent from the day of the first time one of your drivers takes a module. Your line should ideally stay above it and that means that your drivers are completing their modules at a rate greater than 2% per week, and therefore will complete all modules by the end of the year.

After one year, this completion target will be flat at 100%, but as you bring new drivers on board, your graph will fluctuate.

Drivers not improving more than 2% per week on average

This table shows a list of drivers that are lagging behind that haven't accomplished at least 2% improvement per week since they first accepted their account. You can click on View full report to view all the drivers or click on CSV to download the data as a CSV.

Metrics to watch

  • Drivers not improving more than 2% per week: this shows the number of drivers and the change since the previous month. For the first few weeks, this usually lags behind as you get your drivers on board.
  • Number of drivers with zero modules above 100%
  • Number of drivers that haven't logged in during the last 30 days.

You can click on any of the titles to view a more detailed report.