There are three things for you to do now you've purchased your Learner Driver Plus account.

1. Complete the 20 modules that will help you learn how to drive

The yellow menu contains the training options. Use the menu to go to carmotorbike and heavy vehicle tests and the Learner Licence Plus course.

You must complete the Road Code modules for the licence you are taking otherwise you won't be able to pass your learner licence theory test. The additional modules in Learner Licence Plus teach you all the extra things you need to know to start driving or riding.

Once you've completed some modules they will appear in the Your skills section.

2. Complete your profile

Make sure your name is set in the details page so that it appears in any certificates you generate. 


3. Share your results

There are 3 ways:
  1. Share it on Facebook from your Test results page by clicking Share
  2. Go to Your courses then click on Results (CSV) to download your results as a CSV file (for Excel)
  3. Or click Share your profile and invite another user to have access and view your results.